St. Paul's Foundation

For International Reconciliation

Working to create a world where all people are treated with respect and dignity without regard to their sexual orientation or gender identity.

About Our Work

SPF currently works with media initiatives in Africa and the Caribbean to support the publication and distribution of news articles, podcasts, videos, features and commentaries to advance LGBTI visibility and equality.

Recent stories from our partners

With this photo, the African Human Rights Coalition explains its support for asylum-seekers from Uganda and other anti-LGBT nations.

Appeal: Help me tell Texas judge of dangers of gay life in Uganda

The U.S.-based African Human Rights Coalition is raising money to provide expert testimony before an American judge in Texas who ...
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Trans model Sasha Elijah (Heba Kanso photo courtesy of Thomson Reuters Foundation)

Lebanon: Trans model breaks taboos

Trans model Sasha Elijah is on a mission to challenge the stigma and taboo of being transgender in the Middle ...
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Kiev police did not act to protect LGBTI rights advocates on May 10, 2018. Instead, they waited outside the venue where an Amnesty International event was disrupted by members of radical groups. (Tanya Cooper photo courtesy of Human Rights Watch)

Homophobe of the Week: ‘That Guy’

The dishonor of being named Homophobe of the Week goes to “That Guy” — the figure on the left in ...
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