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For International Reconciliation

Working to create a world where all people are treated with respect and dignity without regard to their sexual orientation or gender identity.

About Our Work

SPF currently works with media initiatives in Africa and the Caribbean to support the publication and distribution of news articles, podcasts, videos, features and commentaries to advance LGBTI visibility and equality.

Recent stories from our partners

Cameroon (Map courtesy of

Cameroon lesbian on the run

Police in Cameroon have been seeking a 22-year-old lesbian for the past three weeks, ever since a homophobic neighbor denounced ...
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The Not Alone / Pas Seul campaign provides food for 3 emaciated prisoners in Cameroon whose only crime is being gay. Further support is needed.

Generosity of this blog’s readers has fed gay prisoners in Cameroon

Three nearly malnourished gay prisoners this week received a delivery of a month’s worth of food at Cameroon’s Yaoundé Central ...
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Maxim Neverov, Russian teenager convicted of "gay propaganda." (Photo courtesy of the Russian LGBT Nework)

‘Gays or Putin’: Russia convicts teen of ‘gay propaganda’

A Russian teenage was found guilty this week of “propaganda of homosexuality among minors” and fined 50,000 rubles, the Russian ...
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