Colin Stewart

A 45-year journalism veteran, Colin Stewart is the editor/publisher of the Erasing 76 Crimes blog, which advocates for LGBTI rights in 76+ countries with anti-LGBT laws. He became the president of the foundation in late 2017.



Mike Daemon

“Mike Daemon” is the pseudonym of the founder and presenter of the NoStrings podcasts, based in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, which provide a voice for the country’s LGBTIQ community. As a website programmer, he has developed the website and is working on websites for an African human rights media network. For security, photos of him are not used.



Lindy Miles

A longtime member of the foundation’s board, Lindy Miles of San Diego was co-producer of “Love Heals Homophobia”, a documentary short that seeks to change attitudes of religious people who are anti-gay. She and her husband help with the resettlement of LGBT refugees.



Susan Stewart

A strong supporter of LGBTI rights, Susan Stewart is the new secretary-treasurer of the St. Paul’s Foundation, a retired hospital finance consultant and the wife of Colin Stewart.